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Student assessment regulations

This legislation seeks to regulate the teaching guides, the regime and evaluation systems, scheduling of tests, publication of marks and revision procedures, and submission of claim processing documents. They all shall be applied on all the official Bachelor and Master teachings issued by the University of Castilla - La Mancha.

 Download Student Assessment Regulation UCLM

Important: According to the criteria established by the ESI, point 1 of Article 7 of the regulation of student assessment is interpreted as follows: Training activities only include taking quizzes and progress tests. 

Regulations on the stipulated extension of time in the Bachelor and Master

Regulations on the stipulated extension of time were born in order to take advantage of the resources available to the students. After two years of implementation, there was the need to change it and make it adaptable increasing the maximum time for graduation and changing the regime calls in case of failure to submit to examination.

Download the Rules of Student Permanence in Official and Master studies at UCLM

Rules can be summarised as follows:

Students may enrol in the Bachelor and Master studies in a full or partial time modality. The chosen system will be maintained throughout the academic year and can be modified in subsequent years.

The enrolment of any subject include, for evaluation purposes, two calls in the academic year in which the registration is formalised.

Regulation about credit recognition and transfer

Credit Recognition is the acceptance by the UCLM of the credits that, having been obtained in formal educations in this university, or another one, are computed in a different one for the purpose of obtaining an official certification.

Likewise, credits from other official high education programmes can be recognised. The article laying down regulations on the aforementioned credits is Article of the 43/2015 R.D. — Royal Decree — modifies the article 13, section a), of the 1393/2007 R.D.


Download the 43/2015 Royal Decree


To sum up, in relation to the recognition of credits, it provides as follows:

“Whenever the title to the that accesses belong to the same branch of knowledge, will be object of recognition at least the 15 percent of the corresponding credits to matters of basic training of said branch.”

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