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Nowadays, we are living a really tumultuous and rare era from the employability point of view. In the IT discipline, although the employability of graduates is relatively high, there still exist cases in which the newly graduates do not get a job or the rewards that they deserved according to their academic level due to the lack of technical or linguistic specialization.

Nevertheless, due to our vocation as teachers and engineers, this situation implies an extra motivation to do everything possible to increment and/or improve the employability of our students.

From the Escuela Superior de Informática (ESI - School of Computer Science) of Ciudad Real, we are considering to design a possible solution in order to solve this problem. It consists in adding an extra value to the Computer Engineering degrees and/or Master qualifications of our students. And such extra value consists in the strengthening of the professional competences of the students through the coming together of the company and the university and vice versa. This way, the students can finish their degrees more “profESIonalizados” (professionalized) achieving a professional profile similar to that in most demand by the principal employer agents of the region, as well as the scientific rigor of an engineering such as IT is maintained.

To achieve this, we are considering developing an appropriate framework in order to coordinate and manage different mechanics that allow the creation of opportunities for students to acquire that extra value.

In order to cover the maximum range of possible situations of our students, we have decided to focus on two mechanics or courses of action: the access of students to the professional and linguistic certifications, and the signing of special cooperation agreements with companies, which are called FORTE — acronym for FORTalecimiento de las competencias profesionales de los graduados para la mejora de su Empleabilidad (Strengthening of the professional competences of graduates for the improvement of their employability)—.

Apart from the improvement of graduates’ employability, the profESIonalízate program aims at achieving other additional goals, such as the ‘professionalization’ of professors.

This has as an objective to recycle and update their technological knowledge and get them closer to the real business world so as to transmit the professional and engineering vocation to the students. To do this, it is considered the renovation of the subjects without losing the university training vocation. Finally, we do understand that all these benefits have an impact on an improvement of the university teaching quality. We believe that these efforts will bring net profits to the students, and at least, they will be useful for them to complement their university training.

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