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The fundamental objective of the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering is to educate its students in science, technology and socio-economics, and to prepare them for a professional career in the development and application of Information and Communication Technologies within the sphere of Computing. 

This fundamental objective can be developed in up to five areas of technology. This Degree offers four as intensifications in which the degree holder can specialise, and these are the following: Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computation, and Information Technologies. Student will specialise in the area that most attracts them before enrolling in the third year of the course.


Brand of knowledge: Engineering and Architecture

Teaching center: School of Computer Science (ESI, Escuela Superior de Informática, Ciudad Real)

Type of education: face-to-face

240 ECTS credits organised as follows:

  • Module I    –    Basic training:  60 ECTS
  • Module II   –    Standard Training in Computer Science 96 ECTS
  • Module III –    Technology specific 48 ECTS
  • Module IV –    Undergraduate dissertation 12 ECTS
  • Module V   –    Optional courses 24 ECTS


Mentions, Reinforcements or specialisation:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computation
  • Information technology
  • Language(s) used: English and Spanish
  • Spanish course: 100% Spanish teaching (English optional subjects available)
  • Bilingual course: at least 40% of English, the rest in Spanish.

Information for students:

  • Student guide: here
  • Presentation for incoming students:here
  • Presentation sophomore, junior and senior students:here

ESI/UCLM’s own regulation for the Bachelor degree

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 Bachelor's degree documentation



Complaint and suggestion mailbox: here