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Oferta de empleo XMaS/BM28

Oferta de empleo XMaS/BM28

XMaS/BM28 is looking for a Research Software Engineer for 18 months

The principal role of this position is to implement the recently-developed Python-based control software BLISS that is already operational at most ESRF beamlines but still needs to be deployed at the XMaS beamline. BLISS will replace SPEC.

The appointee will be responsible for the planning, implementation and commissioning of BLISS on XMaS, the development of new control system features required and the development and installation of data acquisition protocols. The person will collaborate with the ESRF Beamline Control Unit (BCU), contributing to these developments. The BCU is responsible for the control system of 42 beamlines at the ESRF, as well as the maintenance, development and deployment of BLISS on all these beamlines.

The missions will be the following: 

  • Planning, installation and commissioning of the BLISS control system on XMaS;
  • Development and documentation of new required features in the control system;
  • Development and documentation of modules to integrate new hardware;
  • Development and commissioning of high-speed data acquisition systems for new experiments;
  • Beamline automation to hide complexity from users;
  • Software support for experiments: coordination with scientists, project follow-up, improvements and trouble-shooting.

Deadline for application: 8th April 2024.

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