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The University of Castilla-La Mancha, via its International Excellence Campus, provides the possibility of studying the Degree in Computer Engineering bilingually, since various subjects throughout the degree can be studied in English.  

It is thus possible to provide the ideal framework for those students who wish to attain good professional qualifications and an even more competitive position once they have completed their studies, with the possibility of studying at universities in other countries, etc.  

Obtaining the degree 

In order to obtain a degree in Computer Engineering with the bilingual option, it is necessary to study at least 40% of the total ECTS credits.

All subjects studied in English will appear in the European Supplement of the Computer Engineering degree. 


In order to study the bilingual degree in Computer Engineering, any interested students must: 

  • Have obtained a level of B1 (or equivalent) in English. 
  • Have obtained a minimum mark of 7 in English in the degree entrance exam. 
  • Have passed the September entrance exam. 

Any recently enrolled students who have chosen the bilingual option will have a period of 15 days at the beginning of each term to modify their enrolment and change to one of the groups that is taught exclusively in Spanish. 

The subjects offered in the bilingual option can be studied by any student on the Computer Engineering degree, although priority will be given to those students who have chosen the bilingual degree course in the case of there being more demand than the places that are available. 

Subjects offered in the 2019/2020 Academic Year. 







Programming Fundamentals I

Physics for Computer Science


Computer Architecture Fundamentals

Programming Fundamentals II

Computer Networks I



Data Structures

Operating Systems I



Programming Methodology

Concurrent and Real-Time Programming




Computer Architecture

Sotware Engineering II

Intelligent Systems



Techniques of Machine Learning


Computer Graphics

Web Systems Development

Information Systems Auditing


Any queries concerning the Bilingual Degree should be addressed by email to the course coordinator: