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The objective of the Doctorate, which forms part of the Official Postgraduate course in ADVANCED COMPUTING TECHNOLOGIES, is to train specialised researchers in the two fields covered by the programme, and includes the production and presentation of the corresponding doctoral thesis, which consists of an original research work. Those who successfully complete this doctoral thesis will attain the title of DOCTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CASTILLA-LA MANCHA. These general research fields are directly related to the subjects offered on the Official Master’s Degree in Advanced Computing Studies and to the capacities acquired by the student:  

  • Design and development of hardware systems using high performance technologies. 
  • Programming techniques specific to high performance technologies. 
  • Modelling, configuration and evaluation of multimedia and network heterogeneous systems.
  • Design and implementation of reliable, secure and productive software systems. 
  • Development of data interaction systems in heterogeneous, distributed, concurrent, collaborative, GRID, network and Internet environments. 
  • Advanced user-interaction techniques, information recovery, knowledge extraction, data mining, soft-computing and artificial intelligence. 

More information regarding the teaching project and study plan is available at this link