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The Master's dissertation consists in the fulfillment, presentation and defense of an original dissertation done individually in front of a University Court. Such dissertation must be related to a comprehensive project of Computer Science Engineering of professional character, in which the competences acquired in the lessons are synthesized. Hence, its defense will be done once all the credits of the study plan have been obtained. It has an academic value of 18 credits.


If you wish to do one of the EMDPs (End of Master's Degree Projects) offered (see list below) that is free (i.e.,it has not already been assigned to another student), contact the professor responsible. If you wish to propose you own topic, please contact the Master’s degree professor who you would like to be you tutor (you may also have a tutor from outside the university or from a business). 

You can propose an EMDP that will be carried out at a (Spanish or foreign) company, with a tutor from that company, in which case you should contact a Master’s professor with your proposal. This professor will be your ‘academic’ tutor, and will be in charge of orienting you and ensuring that you fulfil the academic requirements. 

Before beginning the EMDP, it is important to know what is expected of your work. The evaluation criteria shown below in the Regulations section are the best means of orientation for this.