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These are the Regulations as regards producing and defending the End of Degree Dissertation at the University College of Computer Science. Before reading it in its entirety, we recommend that you consult the following sub-sections on this page, which attempt to provide a summary of this document. Esta es la Normativa sobre la elaboración y defensa del Trabajo Fin de Grado de la Escuela Superior de Informática. Se recomienda antes de su lectura completa que se consulten los siguientes apartados de esta página. En ellos se intenta dar una visión resumida de este documento. 

Document Concerning Regulations



Students who must enrol in the undergraduate dissertation (TFG, Trabajo de Fin de Grado) are expected to do it in the official deadlines determined by the UCLM for each academic course. Students can complete the enrolment until June — exceptionally during the current academic course — bearing in mind that if there is only one call for the defence at the time students enrol, no claims shall be made. However, it is highly recommended that students go to the Academic Unit for Students Assistance (UGAC, Unidad de Gestión Académica del Campus) which can be done through the student mailbox:, and consult the different possibilities before enroling. It is not compulsory for the student to be registered to submit the draft or to participate in the allocation process for the undergraduate dissertation.