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Original empresas

Thanks to these, those of our students who are in their final years can obtain practical applied training with which to compliment their academic education. These experiences, during which our students are integrated into both real organisations and their work teams, thus participating in their objectives, allow them to strengthen their theoretical eductaion with practically applied content that is also a mechanism by which to reenfornce their own personalities. These activities are offered for a limited period, with the intention of bringing students closer to the world of work.   

Work experience at companies is valued in the educational environment, since students can request that this experience be recognised in order to obtain free configuration credits. These periods of work experience take place within the framework defined by the cooperation agreements between the University, or the UCCS in particular, and the companies.

This activity began with new students in the 1999/2000 academic year, and has now become a well-developed programme which is addressed towards almost a hundred students on our degree courses.