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In many cases, they have experience in companies and institutions as ICT professionals in the aspects dealt with in the master's degree.


ATC –Architecture and Computer Technology


David Villa Alises

Associate professor



Juan Carlos López López

Full professor



Serafín Benito Santos

Tenured associate professor



LSI –Languages ​​and Computer Systems


Javier Alonso Albusac

Associate professor



Coral Calero Muñoz

Full professor



Luis Rodríguez Benítez

Tenured associate professor


Eduardo Fernández-Medina Patón

Tenured associate professor



Félix Oscar García Rubio

Tenured associate professor



Francisco Ruiz González

Full professor



Luis Enrique Sánchez Crespo

Adjunct professor



Ismael Caballero Muñoz-Reja

Associate professor



Francisco Pascual Romero Chicharro 

Associate professor



Luis Jiménez Linares

Tenured associate professor



Manuel Ángel Serrano Martín

Tenured associate professor


Mario Gerardo Piattini Velthuis

Full professor



MA –Applied Mathematics


Ricardo García Ródenas

Tenured associate professor



OE –Business Organization


Andrés J. Prado Domínguez

Adjunct professor


The distribution by subject is as follows:


First term:

Strategic Management and Business Operation:

Andrés J. Prado Domínguez [resp]

Information Technology Management and Innovation Management:

Francisco Ruiz [resp], Juan Carlos López

Integration of Ubiquitous and Embedded Systems Technologies:

Julio Daniel Dondo Gazzano[resp], David Villa Alises

Interaction with and Visualisation of Information:

Javier Alonso Albusac Jiménez [resp]

Auditing and Security Management:

Mario Piattini [resp], Eduardo Fernández

Second term:

Management Skills:

Coral Calero [resp]

Planning and Management of ICT Infrastructures:

Serafín Benito [resp]

Development of Intelligent Systems:

Francisco Pascual Romero Chicharro [resp], Ricardo García

High Performance and Availability Computing Services:

Luis Jiménez [resp], Luis Rodríguez 

Service and Systems Management, Certification and Evaluation:

Félix García [resp], Ismael Caballero, Luis Enrique Sánchez


Out of term:

Work Experience:

Manuel Serrano [coordinator]

End of master’s Degree Project:

Luis Rodriguez [main coordinator]