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Information technologies and telecommunications play a fundamental role as regards improving companies’ output and results. Although this should be stated with caution, it could be said that there is a direct incidence between an increase in productivity and the assimilation of technological progress. The University College of Computer Sciences of the University of Castilla-La Mancha is conscious that R+D+I is one of the fundamental components of this technological progress and has, since its foundation, therefore stimulated and promoted the creation of units that contribute towards the generation of scientific knowledge in this area.

The generation of knowledge is produced as a result of focusing on scientific applied and research projects, along lines that integrate and give continuity to the efforts of teams who are committed to the development of knowledge in the sphere of information technologies. These teams, which are organised into Research groups, have become the stable nucleus of research and develop projects in this direction.

It can currently be stated that the research carried out by these groups at the College have attained important levels of maturity and recognition, as is shown by: the quality of the results obtained which are disseminated at Congresses and in specialised journals, the financing funds that have been obtained from competitive public tendering, the R+D agreements signed with private entities, the results of the doctoral theses defended and the amount of teaching staff whose research lines are recognised.

The prestigious Research Groups, which develop their activities at the University College, use the most up-to-date methods, techniques and tools in Computer Engineering, thus generating knowledge, technology and results that can be transferred to the companies in our region. The UCCS’s potential as regards research, development and innovation therefore constitutes a basic tool by which businesses can improve their competitiveness in the knowledge society. Businesses must react without hesitation and not remain immobile in the face of the turmoil of development and technological progress.