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The Models and Algorithms in Transport Systems (MAT) group develops its research in the field of Operative Research. The objective pursued is to develop new optimisation models that will be applied to the planning, design and control of transport systems, in which the greatest number of of aspects related to the problema are employed, such that analytical tools that assist in the decision making process are made available to planners and/or managers. The mathematical tools that are most frequently used for this purpose are mathematical programmes with equilibrium restrictions. These tools allow user behaviour to be incorporated into the system according to the decisions made. 



Research lines

  • The design and management of transport networks (Determining the alignments of metros, Location of motorways, Frequency optimisation in public transport systems, Incidence management in multi-modal urban transport systems). 
  • The calibration of transport models (Origin-destination trip estimation matrices, Arc cost function calibration, Calibration of equilibrium assignation models). 
  • Optimisation. Development of exact and heuristic algorithms for operative research problems that can be formulated using network flow models. 


Contact information

Dr. Ricardo García Ródenas
Tel.: (+34) 926 295 300 ext. 6222
Fax: (+34) 926 295 354