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The GSyA group’s research is focused on secure software engineering and security management. More specifically, the group researches how to construct and use more secure software, for which it develops software engineering processes and methods, new modelling techniques and tools that provide the construction of more secure software with automated support, whilst tackling all the stages in the software development process and considering the most up-to-date/best development paradigms and technologies. The group also works on the development of methodologies and techniques with which to measure and manage the security of information technologies in companies in a systematic and predictable manner, by developing new security maturity models and information security management and auditing systems that are particularly focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, whilst respecting the principal international ICT security standards. 


Research lines

GSyA group focuses mainly on two research lines:

Security in Software Engineering:

  • Engineering Security Requirements.
  • Patterns and Security Architectures.
  • Business Process Security.
  • Smart Business Security.
  • Security in SOA and Grid Computing.
  • Security Model-Driven Development.
  • Security Ontology.
  • Secure Migration Processes to Cloud Computing.
  • Big Data Security.

Security Management:

  • Maturity Models of Security.
  • Systems Security Management.
  • Analysis and Risk Management.
  • Security Dashboard.
  • Security Metrics.
  • Security Audit.
  • Security Standards.
  • Security Governance for Cloud Computing. 


Contact information

Dr. Eduardo Fernández-Medina Patón
Tel.: (+34) 926295300 ext. 3744
Fax: (+34) 926295354