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This program aims at strengthening the professional skills of the ESI’s graduates.  

The main idea of FORTE is that companies characterize a professional profile for our students, so that the profiles adjust better to the jobs that the organization offers. For example, if an aerospace company needs embedded software development for some of the components,  they could demand a professional profile with expert knowledge in software engineering, user interfaces in communication protocol of different aircrafts’ software components to the development of a specific application. FORTE agreements allow companies to choose a student of a certain field — they might be called Reinforcement— and take optional subjects of different profiles in order to reach the desired type of profile. This combination of subject is complemented with the possible certification of professional skills (Oracle, CISCO…) and linguistic ones (B1, B2, C1).

Companies benefiting from FORTE offer students the possibility of having their internships in a company in order to fortify that specific training, and in that context, students can also write their dissertations that allow them to finish their degrees and get their titles. In the first call of FORTE (we offer twice a year and we present the second one) we were a little more flexible in defining the student profile – we stuck with the idea of having internships and final degree project (TFG). Normally, we are observing the advantages when a company first accepts FORTE students, and it would be ideal to continue doing so, but then, in successive calls it is much more interesting to customize the profile in a deeper way.

When the internship in a company (around 900 hours – 12 ECTS credit points) and the final degree project (TFG - trabajo de fin de grado) defense is over, the company can hire the student – as you can see in the standard agreement attached, there is a clause about hiring but in any case it is binding and therefore, the company is not obliged to do anything.  Hence, FORTE agreements are a very useful tool in order to obtain a specialized professional profile that increases the possibilities not only of being hired, but also of having a better [first] contract. 

The process is as follows:


  • Call for companies: Companies will be informed of a deadline to communicate the number of vacancies they can offer to FORTE.
  • Preparation of the FORTE’s agreements: Teams will be created in order to determine the best composition of the FORTE for each of the companies. This team will consist of members of the academic committee, professor of the subject(s) that might be involved.
  • FORTE’s vacancies publication: It will be published in the official media of FORTE’s vacancies as well as the requested profile.
  • Application for vacancies: Students may apply for the vacancies they are interested in during the settled period.
  • Election candidates: Work meetings will be held in which companies and the appropriate committee will participate in order to choose among those candidates who best fit.
  • Preparation candidates: The selected candidates will have to sign the contracts and continue with the corresponding procedures in order to fulfill the FORTE requirements. (E.g. enrollment in extra subjects.)